Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Spud on Sunday Part XXXVII (Holiday Edition)

Spud is very content to spend his day on the beach with his ‘pack’

That's my dog-1

Tethered to the boat trailer he can lounge in the shade and watch the world go by. This is a novelty to us, as our two previous dogs, both Border Collies found the beach to be angst ridden torture, what with flappy sails, squealing kids and spluttering motor boats. Although every now and then, Spud gets the urge for a spot of digging.

That's my blanket-1

That is my blanket and I was asleep on it, thank you Spud!

Here is another dog enjoying the seaside,

That's not my dog-1

got to love the terrier stance, king of the waves

That's not my dog 1-1



Sign of the Times

A clutch of  quirky signs, old and new

Old at the old well in Salcombe

fishy trouble -1

And in Totnes

Sign Totnes-1

And a more contemporary take on things outside the Victoria Inn in Salcombe

Man Creche -1 

Compliments to the Victoria Inn for the beautiful display of hanging baskets and window boxes (as well as the humour)



Making a Bee Line

Mr Uphilldowndale went out on his bike on Sunday morning to buy a newspaper, its a bit of an expedition from where are staying, which ever way you go, this part of Devon is quite isolated, by road at any rate.

Devon countryside-1

He arrived back with the paper and a thick lower lip, having had a head on collision on what he thinks was a bee, what ever it was, it stung him.

Oooohhhh I thought don’t like the look of that and dosed him with antihistamine, he went off for a shower, when he re-emerged I liked the look of him even less, it was much more swollen . Fortuitously, just then, our friend Mrs Doctor  stuck her head around the door, in search of her boy. She liked the look of Mr Uhdd less than I did, and said she thought it would be wise if we were to drive him in the direction of a hospital; advising me, out of Mr Uhdd’s earshot, if the swelling starts to affect his voice pull over and call an ambulance.

So off we went squeezing through the Devon lanes against the tidal flow of traffic heading for the beach. ‘You’re driving faster than you normally do’ observed Mr Uhdd. Correct. 

Devon lane -1

When, after 40 minutes (and only a modest eight miles) we arrived a the local cottage hospital, with a minor injury unit: the nurse liked the look of Mr Uhdd even less (the swelling had now spread into his jaw) she advised me, out of Mr Uhdd’s earshot, ‘I don’t want to concern your husband, but I’m going to give him an injection of adrenaline and I’ve called an ambulance in case we need to get him to a main hospital.’  Fortuitously the ambulance was parked up right next door, so the paramedics arrived in the blink of an eye. There was then a intense few moments of injection and medical stuff, checking of pulse rate (Mr Uhdd being a fell runner has a tick over heart rate of 40 beats per min) blood pressure etc etc, then the nurse, two paramedics and I stood back to see what happened next. I don’t have a photo of Mr Uhdd at his most swollen, two reasons for this, one given the evident urgency of things, I didn’t even think about it and secondly, it would have been a rubbish photo because my hands were trembling.

I’m pleased to say the swelling stopped and soon started to go down (although he went through a shaky, not looking very well at all phase.) After an hour it was decreed that everyone liked the look of him now, and he didn’t need to be transferred So we waved a cheery and grateful goodbye to the paramedics. We stayed another hour at the cottage hospital for observation, just be on the safe side, where we read the Sunday papers…

It is usually Joe and I that have a rough time with insect bites and stings, this has never happened to Mr Uhdd before. Not  pleasant at all, and all a bit close on the heels on the Mr Muscle incident back to a relaxing holiday.


Under the Influence

Mrs Ogg is here at the seaside (along with Mr Ogg and the young Ogglet) we enjoyed a drink or two the other evening, as the sun went down.

Evening drinks-1

We took some photographs

sunset Salcombe-1

Some were sensible

Joe, dusk-1

and some shots were probably rather predictable ( I mean, can you have too many sunsets?)


But is did go a little downhill from there

sunset slope-1

Workers playtime, that’s what it is!

sunset  Salcombe silly-1