Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Far from the Madness

Britain it seems has gone to the dogs, actually a pack of  wild dogs would not behave like those looting and rioting in our cities. I look out of the window and across the valley and I find it very hard to comprehend just what is going on; but it is. It’s grim. Other bloggers are writing about it and a lot of people are reading about it, Police Inspector Gadget’s blog had over 33,000 ‘hits’ yesterday.

Lets escape to the seaside


The beach at Slapton, not a beach to dally with, it shelves steeply, as Joe discovered a few years ago when one evening, he went in to the water, after his shoe that had been thrown into the sea when a beach game got a little over excited.

And the picturesque, Gara Rock,

Gara rock-1

You can still see the ancient field  boundaries at Decklers Cliff that are thought to date back to the Bronze age.

feilds Gara Rock-1