Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Off Limits

When in Devon Mrs Ogg and I were much amused by a sign at Salcombe harbour, now we don’t wish to make light of such a serious topic as rabies prevention; it is a  very serious matter indeed

Rabies Restrictions -1

But it was the kangaroo that caught our  attention and imagination

Rabies Restrictions 1-1

The thought of a kangaroo bounding around below deck seemed more than a little surreal.

Another sign this evening, also told me what was prohibited, this time at the local petrol station, back here in Derbyshire. I was not permitted until further notice  to buy petrol in a can ( fuel for the lawn mower), ‘what not even a proper* petrol can?’ I asked. ‘No’ was the answer. ‘Have you been having trouble?’ I enquired, ‘No not here, it’s because of the riots’. This also seemed a little surreal.

Mr Uhdd is considering cutting a path down to the petrol station with the mower to fill up. The downside with this plan is that he’d have run out of petrol before he got home again.

* I’ve seen some odd things being filled up