Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Eye to Eye with an Anglo Saxon King

Sutton Hoo

I’m afraid this blog is still bobbing around in Suffolk, whilst autumn rolls in over Derbyshire, never mind, I’ll try and catch up.

I made a brief comfort break at Sutton Hoo whilst on my ‘away day’ in Suffolk, I did take a peek at the replica of the iconic ceremonial helmet* , it is a thing of great beauty, which is a paradox considering its original remit for to frighten bejeebers out of lesser mortals

Sutton Hoo -1

I didn’t take a walk to see the burial mounds,  as time was scant and I felt pretty sure I’d be wanting to take photos of them at dusk, dawn  or amidst swirling mist.

Sutton Hoo 1-1

If you are curious, this is the best site I could find, about Sutton Hoo; the National Trust site is disappointing, ias it often is, IMHO, which is a shame, they are much better at ‘selling’ their properties in the National Trust Magazine that has sumptuous photos than they are on the pages of the website which always feels a bit mean with images and interesting ‘stuff’.

*the original is in the British Museum