Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Beyond Limits Chatsworth 2011

And so to art. Chatsworth makes a stunning location, even when it is wrapped in white plastic.  Two Damien Hirst sculptures,  Myth and Legend were placed at the top of the Canal Pond which was garnished with a couple of white swans for further effect.

Myth and Legend

Myth and Legend 1-1


Legend Damien Hisrt 2-1

The whiteness of the white is simply brilliant (obviously not Dulux paint then) and I liked the fact these sculpture didn’t have the silly little fences around them. I loved how the light bounced up off the plinths up-lighting the beasts


Legend -1


Myth Damien Hirst-1

Looking at the texture, it brings to mind the sight and the smell of a new packet of plasticine 

Legend Damien Hisrt 3-1