Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


FAQ ‘Is your husband accident prone?’

A. No, life is a numbers game.

Warning this post has some rather graphic images!

‘Is Mr Uphilldowndale accident prone’ I’ve been asked a number of times this week. I don’t think so, it’s more a case that he does rather a lot of ‘stuff’ that has accident potential, it’s a numbers game, just like buying lottery tickets.

Let me explain, we all came back from  our holiday in Wales last weekend, then Joe went to stay with his friend Peter in London, Mr Uphilldowndale went back to Wales to do a week long sailing instructors course at Plas Menai, Tom continued his ‘being a teenager’ studies and I went back to work. On Wednesday I came out of a meeting to find, six missed calls on my mobile, two from Mr Uhdd and four from Tom. The message from Tom went along the lines of ‘Dad’s rung, he say’s you are not to worry… he’s come off his bike and hurt his knee, he’s in A+E at Bangor hospital. Oh yeh, and he says he’s not got much charge left in his phone.’ Lovely.

It transpired that Mr Uhdd had gone for an early morning spin on his bike (he’d taken it with him to nourish his exercise addiction, as he can’t  go fell-running at the moment because of a foot injury). He’d  ridden across a metal swing bridge at Felinheli  (this blog has been to Felinheli before) the bike tyres lost traction on the bridge and down he came, heavily, dislocating his finger and what can only be describe as slicing open his knee.

Now I’ve brought you images of his wounds before, there was the fell-runners knee and the bee-sting incident. But these shots are a little different and if you are of a squeamish disposition, click away now and look at some scenic photographs.

Here we go,

Five… (I’m not sure which is worse, the finger or the knee)

Four… (have you just had lunch?)

Three…(it’s not pretty)

Two ( there is still time to leave)

One… (Ok don’t say I didn’t warn you).

The dislocated finger, now manhandled back into place with the aid of Entonox and local anaesthetic (the white blob is his wedding ring).

Middle finger left hand dislocated

The knee, image taken by Doctor in A+E (you know you’ve done a proper job when the Dr wants a souvenir)

Andy's Knee

The knee took a bit of sorting, two trips into theatre under general anaesthetic and three days in hospital, it is now all stitched up and strapped down and  we are all safely back home now. 



There was really only one day  whilst we were away that was a sensible option, weather wise, for climbing Snowdon, so we geared up appropriately and  set out. Joe, Mr Uphilldowndale and Spud the dog climbed to the summit, I however wussed out; Tom kindly escorted me from the hill (perhaps he was  thinking  of my redisposition for wandering off the beaten track in search of a photo opportunity, the nearby  Crib Goch isn’t somewhere you’d want to find yourself by accident ).

Snowdon -1

The Miners track Snowdon, taken from the Pyg track

Tom and I found it no hardship to sit in the cafe back  at the  summit of Pen-y-Pass and drink hot chocolate, whilst we waited for their return*. There is of course a less arduous way to get to the summit of Snowdon.

Spud brought a collection of ticks back with his as a souvenir ughhhhh.


Red for Danger

Fungi -1

Continuing with the fungi theme, I found this  fairy-tale  specimen in a forest in Wales.

We’ve been away for a weeks holiday and very nice it was too (that’s is the holiday was nice, the weather could have been kinder). I’d like to tell you I toiled for hours through the forest to find such a handsome specimen, but I’d be lying, I found it in the car-park whilst Joe and I were waiting,

Fungi 2-1

for Mr Uphilldowndale and Tom to return from a mountain bike excursion on the Marin Trail in the Gwydyr Forest.  It was growing from the trunk of a birch tree. I used to know someone who made birch sap wine, and  from what I can remember (the memory is a little hazy) the brew was as potent as I suspect this toadstool is (I’ll not try to name the species, I’ll hope a fungi expert passes by the blog with the appropriate knowledge.)

Would you like to see how muddy Tom was on his return?

Mountain Bike Mud-1

You can visualise the dirty washing that has returned home with us can’t you?


Spud on Sunday Part XXXXII

Dog Meets Mushroom

Ok, so it is Saturday, not Sunday, Spud is a day early this week, as I can’t see how to schedule post publication in Window Live Writer. There must be away, but it is hiding from me.

I have plans to be away from my keyboard this week. I’ll be back.

In the mean time here is Spud investigating a field mushroom, that Mr Uphilldowndale found (not surprisingly) down the field .


Spud with mushroom 2-1

There must be a few lines of poetry  hidden in  the imagery  of spaniels ears and mushroom gills.  I can see it, but not say it; so I’ll leave that to the wordsmiths..

Spud with mushroom -1