Chloe’s World

My favourite work at the Beyond Limits exhibition

Chloe’s World by Jaume Plensa

Chloe's World -1

It seems like a hologram, despite being stone

Chloe's World 2-1

transient, a grainy TV images of the 1960’s? Or ‘Beam me up Scotty’ of the 1970’s?

Chloe's World 2 3-1

I have a need to dash off and see more of Plensa’s  work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

2 thoughts on “Chloe’s World

  1. three-legged-cat

    They are beautiful photos of a lovely sculpture.

    I think we’ll have to miss Beyond Limits this year, but we did get to the Plensa exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. My favourite there was a room full of beautiful alabaster heads, similar to this one. Gorgeous.

  2. Yes, yes! I though that’s where I’d seen something like this before. At the sculpture park these heads are in a room of their own, with magical lighting. You really should go.

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