Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Spud on Sunday Part XXXXVIIII

Well, what a week it has been, there has been I’m afraid, a fair bit of sad news around *sigh*;.

The weather has been mean; sleet, snow, ice and gales a plenty. There’s been a large dollop of drama ( thankfully safely resolved) and even a little bit of partying; but not a lot of progress in the Christmas preparation department.

Today’s weather has been wet and notable for is its darkness, not a day for inspiring photo opportunities, so I’ve dug around in  the archives for what I think are previously unpublished photos of Spud

A summer Spud -1

Spud peering out of the kitchen window, unlike Monday when he was peering in!

A Summer Spud in the window -1

I’d forgotten, just how glamorous those ears were, before his ‘trim’

A Summer Spud, glam-1

they never been  quite the same since