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Size Doesn’t Matter

Trust me, it’s just a Christmas tree, its size will not make your Christmas ‘perfect’ nor is it the difference between life and death.

I was Christmas shopping last week when I found myself in a delightful but tiny shop,  when I shop there I have to quash rising feelings of claustrophobia because it sells such nice things and is, unlike the rest of town a ‘real’ shop: it is so small and intimate that everyone is sort of forced into one conversation. Well that is my excuse.

Another customer was going on, and on, and on, about the trials of buying a fresh Christmas tree. There was nothing right with the selection of trees on sale in Derbyshire this year (and trust me she had checked every last one of them).

Tree angst included

  • Too expensive ‘who would charge over £45 for a Christmas tree, what with the recession and everything’ *
  • ‘I always have a six foot tree, nothing less will do’
  • ‘Getting the tree just right makes my Christmas’
  • ‘My friends children are so upset because they haven’t got a six foot tree this year.’
  • ‘I took the first one back and changed it for another that was better.’

It was probably a bit blunt of me, but the words just fell from my mouth…

“I’m sorry, I think you need to ‘get a life life’ here; it is just a Christmas tree you are talking about.  Why don’t you just get some nice twigs and some pretty lights.”

She looked at me as though I had arrived from a different planet, and in truth I probably have.

Vintage lights 2


(*probably the person who has invested time and effort in growing the thing for the last six years, they will be trying to recoup their investment and buy nice things for their children…)