Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

Spud on a Sunday Part LVII


Spud the dog calls upon his psychic powers, turning his nose to the wind, eyes closed, he  attempts to predict the weather.

Psychic Spud 1-1

After a short contemplation he declares ‘By the time of the setting sun, there will be snow and much wind’.

Psychic Spud 2-1

He was absolutely right.

Psychic Spud 3-1

Clever Spud. Then again he might just have watched the weather forecast like the rest of us.

I’ve realised my children are growing up in a world where they know exactly what time it is going to snow. Now in my day the weather was full of surprises.

Joe and I have spent the afternoon clearing the snow out of the barn, you could say the surprising thing, if anything, about yesterdays snow was how fine it was, it blew under the roofing sheets of the barn, leaving mini drifts of snow, five or six inches deep in places. It has made a right old mess, mind, we are grateful we had the house roof re-done 18 months ago, or it would have been the loft space we were clearing out and my poor mum had water dripping through her lounge ceiling after the pipe from the condensing boiler froze solid. Snow isn’t always as much fun as Spud thinks it is.

Home snow 3-1


Author: uphilldowndale

Watching the rhythm of rural life, from the top of a hill in northern England. Having spent most of my life avoiding writing, I now need to do it! I am no domestic goddess, but if I were expecting visitors to my home, I would whisk round with the duster and plump up the cushions and generally make the place look presentable. I hope that by putting my words where others may see them it will encourage me to ‘tidy up and push the Hoover around’ my writing. On the other hand I may just be adding to the compost heap. Only time will tell! Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, I’ll put the kettle on.

6 thoughts on “Spud on a Sunday Part LVII

  1. Super Spud,
    I normally don’t paste my blogs link, but you have to see my springer “Coffee” in snow. They are really crazy fro snow. http://muratkazdal.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/karda-sokakta/

  2. I really like the second picture! xx

  3. We spent good money insulating the condensing boiler outflow. It looks as though it might have been worth it. It’s good to have a psychic dog.

  4. Wonderful photos. Perfect portraits of Country Dog With Purple Collar.

  5. Look at that – Yoda Spud. And then Rita Hayworth Spud. And Robo-Dog Spud. A versatile fellow, and smart, too.

    Sympathies extended on the freezing pipes. Nothing is so pernicious as water when it goes where it isn’t wanted.

  6. Rasputin Spud !

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