Spud on Sunday Part LXXII

Poor Spud the dog  he has a tick in his eyebrow, and we cant find the O’Tom Tick Twister.

poor spud-1

We’ve searched high and low, to no avail, we are sure we’ve put it somewhere safe! But where?  Worryingly, Spud has only been in our field of late, we’ve never had ticks before, but we did have sheep grazing last Autumn, maybe that is where they’ve appeared from. 


21 thoughts on “Spud on Sunday Part LXXII

  1. Benjy had one this weekend too! If you can’t find tick remover, smoother the tick in Vaseline as this will suffocate the tick & it will then fall off a few hours later. I have used this method before although I was camping at the time & was sure I would see the thing fall off & dispose of it; I never did find it & then had to spend the night in the van with dog & a dead tick somewhere!! I was quite itchy that night funnily enough!

  2. mj

    You’re very technical about tick removal! The method of choice in Manitoba is to grab, twist, and pull. Plan B could involve a hot match to the tick’s bottom to get it into reverse gear. If you’re of the scholarly bent, freeze and package the corpse to send to the prof at U of Manitoba who’s studying the little blighters. If not, an unceremonious dispatch. Regardless of technique – ick – awful creatures. Are they even part of a food chain?

  3. I’m not a fan of unnecessary chemicals for everything, but we use Frontline or similar when spring comes. It keeps our “Coffee” clean, otherwise he is like tick magnet, because springers like to stick their head(or half of their
    body) to every bush. Although we used to use alcohol, Vaseline etc to remove them, it’s not recommended anymore. If you have no tool, put some gloves grab the tick from nearest part to skin, twist and pull trying not to leave the head inside. If something goes wrong don’t worry; I believe ticks are more dangerous for human, dogs tolerate them. Coffee had one in same place last year and he had a hairless spot there for a few months after removing it. Good luck

  4. We have had an early year for ticks. They are horrible things. The dog has to have frontline, or he would be covered in them. Our previous dog actually had Lymes’. They think from a tick. Nothing to fool with…..

  5. Ticks give me the heebie jeebies! It doesn’t look like a disease-carrying deer tick, but I still hope you can get rid of it soon for Spud’s sake. Or your own…those heebie jeebies and all.

  6. Fee

    Don’t know if it would work on dogs, but a hill-walking friend swears by tea tree oil – he drips it on ticks and they explode (or something less dramatic, but equally useful). I know it deters and kills head lice, calms mosquito bites, stops midge bites from itching (a big plus in Scotland!), all from personal experience, but I’d check with a vet before trying something new on Spud.

  7. Well thank you all for your comments, I can report the tick has been safely removed (following trip to pet pet shop, for replacement removal gadget)
    We ignored advice to then flush the tick down the loo, as we have a septic tank, it would have brought the tick, straight back to field). Be assured it has been cremated!

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