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Taking Stock

Thoughts On Five Years of Blogging

It’s five years ago today since I started this blog… That’s half a decade for goodness sake!

Hawthorn -1

I don’t think in that time it has been harder than it has over the last few months to give time to my blog, much as I want to. Looking back at some early posts and photos I can see they were more pampered than they are now. But I still enjoy the process and the comments as much as ever.  My blog could do with a bit of a make over, and now I’m clear of the plaster dust from my ‘office’ make over I shall do just that.

Sycamore -1-2

Whilst there are many active blogs (and dear blog buddies) in my blogroll there are many that have been  ‘resting’ for a little too long and should perhaps now formally retire. I’ve not added  new  blogging discoveries to my feed for far to long.  There is work to be done. But first there is the day job…

(And if you think the blog is a bit rough around the edges, you should see my garden. It’s run away from me already and it is only May).

Spring has parachuted in commando style  whilst I’ve not been looking.

Sycamore -1