Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Spud on Sunday Part LXXVII

Ball games versus a good read

Joe took himself of to the shade of the oak tree this afternoon, for a good read. Spud the dog had other ideas.

He wanted to play ball, he all ways wants to play ball.

Here are Spuds thoughts

If I  stand here and stare at the ball long enough he’s bound to get the idea and throw it.

Hamock 1-1

I could lick his toes, that always gets attention.

Hamock 2-1

If I dig a hole, maybe that would work, especially if it get at mum’s bluebells; getting told off is better than being ignored, don’t you think?

Hamock 5-1

I’ll try the cute ‘tickle my tum’ posture

Hamock 7-1

OK, OK,  so that didn’t work I’ll try staring again 

Hamock 6-1

I wonder what time Tom gets back from work?

Hamock 3-1

I do hope he won’t be long *sigh*. Tom’s always willing to play ball, he likes hitting balls I like fetching balls. They say we have a symbiotic relationship.

Viewers may notice Spud is wearing his ‘Lycra fit’ summer coat. I  can tell you we had a ‘bad parenting’ moment at the dog groomers, fleas. Oh dear.

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