Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


The Green Man Goes Cool


The Green Man with a contemporary flourish.

cool dude 3-1

A lost pair of sunglasses could not have been placed in a more prominent position.  I think he looks a little like Simon Cowell from this angle.

cool dude-1

I’m left wondering if it was just serendipity that the glasses were placed so well or if the finder was on a mission to find just the right branch to perch them on. 

There is often something to catch the eye on this part of my route to work. The trees cling on to the side of a steep gully

cool dude 1-1

with every last root at their disposal.

tree roots-1

It is where I’ve seen the brawling wrens in the past, today there were violets to admire.


I really can’t grumble about my commute to work.

Here is a Green Man blog, with some very nice photographs, very nice indeed.