Spud on Sunday Part LXXVIII

Spud is pretty laidback  about the Queens Diamond Jubilee

Spud Jubilee -1

Actually, this has been the only way we could get him to pose for this Diamond Jubilee post; the silk handkerchief  is rather special and dates back to the coronation if not earlier. I’d had in mind a shot of Spud sat on the sofa, watching the splendid (but wet) Royal Pageant on the Thames. It was not to be, he got far too giddy and emotional*… as did others.

(It was the  sight of  the ‘War Horse Puppet’ on top of the National Theatre that did it, what is it about War Horse that gets me sooooo emotional,  I refused to go and see it at the cinema as just the synopsis made me weep,  so Mr Uphilldowndale ordered the video to watch in the privacy of home, and the sight of the video case chokes me up! Pass the tissues… viewing is scheduled for tomorrow evening.