Coronation Chicken

Meet one of our new girls

New Girl -1

She is one of three Warren Babcock chickens that we picked up yesterday,  they’re not quite at ‘point of lay’ yet.  We chose warrens this time as we’ve found them to be good layers, healthy and  robust and at £8 each much cheaper than some of the fancier breeds we’ve had such as Daisy Belle and Blue Belle (which typically cost about £14:00 a head).

We’re keeping them in the run for a day or two, until they’ve got a handle on where home is, especially at dusk. We’ve had new hens trying to roost in trees and the neighbours shed before now. There’s bound to be fun and games whilst the pecking order is established. One of the Warrens has already shown her leadership qualities.

Tonight we’ll take a wander up the hill and see if we can find a Jubilee beacon or two, but first a roast beef dinner; nom nom nom.