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Spud on Sunday Part LXXII

Spud the dog has been very, very naughty.

No,  I know what you are thinking,thankfully it is not the precious new lounge carpet that has been on the receiving end of his mischief.

It was my brand new,  fresh out of the box, girly, suede shoes, my beautiful delphinium blue* shoes, with ribbons and everything; purchased specifically to wear at a wedding this weekend.

The house is littered with shoes, ancient slippers, flip flops, school shoes,  fell shoes, Crocs. But no, it was my new shoes that Spud felt he had to make his mark upon by chewing the heel. Grrrrrrr.

Blue suede shoe-1 

I managed to find the strip of leather he’d peeled off on the landing and between us and a tube of glue Mr Uphilldowndale and I managed to mould them back into neatness.  We suspect this and  Spuds other mischievous acts this week are related to the fact that Tom has been away…

Of course in the grand scheme of things,  the tidiness of my shoes made not a spot of difference to what was a lovely wedding, the service was in the chapel  at Exeter College in Oxford

Exeter College -1

( I couldn’t find Inspector Morse anywhere)

Exeter -1

the college is steeped in history and  the chapel is lit by glorious stained glass.

Exeter College Oxford -1

The reception was in the Fellows garden.

Fellows Garden Exeter College 1-1

* When I managed to buy shoes and jacket to exactly match my chosen dress, in the space of half an hour in our local market town, everyone said how lucky I was; but of course luck had nothing to do with it, I was simply complying with the fashion worlds yarn buyers agenda. 

Mind you looking in the chapel, perhaps yarn buyers have been around for a few centuries, I’ve seen that shade of blue somewhere before.

this seasons blue -1