On Christmas Day

Happy Christmas dear blog buddies, wishing you good health, peace and  happiness for 2013. The uphilldowndales are still here, all is well, but a little exhausting, but once we’ve recovered from the gluttony of Christmas day, blogging service will resume to something  that resembles  my idea of normality.

larch cones -1

Normality is looking very attractive. Spud the dog sends his love.

5 thoughts on “On Christmas Day

  1. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas season ~ and Happy Boxing Day, today! I’m sure your boys had great fun, and what did Spud get for Christmas? Did the kitties behave themselves or get into all sorts of mischief? Did you have a white Christmas? We had a few large magical flakes and then they all drifted away 🙂

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