Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


And Then There was One



Joe was back at school on Friday, both Mr Uphilldowndale and Tom were at work, I found myself home alone. It was something of a novelty, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I think it must be as far back as May since the house had been this quiet.

I decided to take on the glut of eggs nestling in the kitchen window. We’ve a couple of new chickens (Warrens) and whilst they are not laying yet, the three senior birds, apart from being hen pecking bullies to the new girls, took the huff and went off to lay their eggs any where other than in the hen house, eventually   Mr Uphilldowndale found 18 eggs hidden in the undergrowth.

Whilst my four cakes* baked I nipped out and picked a batch of blackberries to make bramble jelly,

best of the bunch_


I needed 3lb of fruit, the first two pounds came easily, the rest was a struggle, I found myself having to climb in and amongst the brambles and nettles to reach the more elusive berries. I’d perhaps been a little premature in picking them, I should have waited a day or two for more to ripen  that way I’d have more fruit and less stings and scratches…


* three now residing in the freezer; non of them are chocolate cake though.