Wind Egg

Or maybe, storm egg would be a better title, wind eggs we’ve covered before.

Who knows,  if it was  the 80mph winds we had here last night; but something upset one of the chickens.


storm egg 2

Poor girl.

storm egg

I suppose I’m going to have to get used to thinking, ‘I’ll tell Mum about that’ and then feeling the stark realisation that I can’t, tell her anything anymore.


In the distracted, absent minded way of the recently bereaved, today I tried to put chocolate sauce on my fried egg, instead of brown sauce. Sigh.


Here, is how a shell is formed, and here, how the egg develops


9 thoughts on “Wind Egg

  1. I’m very intrigued by the wind egg. Never heard of it before.

    So sorry for your loss of your mother. Yes, that feeling of the recently bereaved. It must be universal. I will keep you in my thoughts from way over here.

    Is that your family home on the header? It is fantastic!

  2. The egg is fascinating! I would love to have chickens, someday!

    I’m sorry about the empty feeling you have without your mother there to share with. My mother has complete memory loss and I miss her so much too. I am very sympathetic.

  3. lavenderjack

    My mum passed away in 2009 at the tender age of 68. We had so much in common and even today I see things I think I’ll tell her about as well as her featuring in my dreams as if she’s still around. As long as people live in our memories, I think they’ll always be around.

  4. When you lose someone close to you, especially a parent or sibling who has been so much a part of your life for so long, that loss tears a big piece out of your life. It takes a long time to mend the torn place back together, but the mend is there forever. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family in your time of loss.

  5. I have a feeling that egg was sent with a little heavenly touch. You may find other little experiences that you would like to share with your mother, but perhaps she may be sharing with you! That’s been my take on things anyway. Once I was driving through town and I saw a pink balloon flying way up in the sky ~ as I noticed it, it very gently lowered, touched my car window and went up again! Love is magic.

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