Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Starlings on the shore

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Thirty Days Wild,  thirty posts throughout June (and July, I’m tardy) something that is grounded in our wild world. This year posts are from our travels around the  north coast of Scotland  on the North Coast 500 route and a visit to Orkney. Stand by, for lots of sky, sea, wildlife, history, Spud the dog and random musings.

I hadn’t really thought about how starlings are to be found at the coast, to us here in Derbyshire they are winter visitors, with vast flocks  occasionally forming  murmurations, I’ve not yet being lucky enough to see one yet.

That said, I have a card, by one of my favourite artists, Mark Hearld, its title is ‘starlings on the shore’ its one of those gift cards I bought ‘for stock’ and I haven’t yet managed to part with, because I like it so much.  I think I’ll find it a frame, its a keeper.

'Starlings on the Shore' by Mark Hearld (A341)

We saw many starlings, on our travels, especially on Orkney,

I spent time one evening watching a  somewhat harassed mother feeding her brood, she worked feverishly, the chicks seemed larger that her, due in part I think to their  baby plumage being  less sleek than the adult.

Starlings fledgling_

It was a risky business though,  Mr uphilldowndale saw a gull swoop down and snatch a chick.

Later we saw starlings gathering on the fence, before taking flight together, they seemed to be using this a tactic to deflect the ever present hungry gulls

Starlings group