Beautiful Blackwell, a Second Look

Shall we feast our eyes on some more of the craftsmanship of Blackwell House? You seemed to enjoy the first course.  I’ve updated the header, to put the house in the context of the landscape.

Stained glass

Blackwell Interior 8.jpg

Blackwell glass 5


Blackwell Textile 5

20180221_142151 (2)

The Simpson family, certainly met that brief,

Blackwell textile 8

with exquisite embroidery and woodwork  Rowan berries take centre stage, in carvings

Blackwell Interior 5.jpg

And iron work

Blackwell rowan-1231.jpg

And of course mother nature provided both inspiration and the perfect foil.

Blackwell white drawing room window.jpg

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Blackwell, a Second Look

  1. Oh, my — times two. This is just stunning. While I love the glasswork, the needlework’s wonderful, too. My mother did a good bit of needlepoint, and then moved on to the sort of thing shown above, with the purple flowers. It frustrated her as she aged to lose both vision and concentration, but I have some of her unfinished projects, and may finish them if I end up housebound at some point. (Provided, of course, I still have my eyesight and my mind!)

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