Wading in

A heron in the field pond, I don’t think I’ve seen one wade in quiet so deep before, not quite up to his neck in it, this is about as deep as it gets (too deep for a chicken we established).


After a week of windy weather, which played havoc with our Internet connection (the  wind dropped and it seemed to ‘self heal’,  but who knows the real reason) the UK has experienced one of its hottest Easters on record, very pleasant to be out and about in, but a also a little worrying, the ground is so dry, moorland fires have been a problem yet again. Sadly people just don’t seem to understand how easily a fire can start and just how long peat can burn for.

Nature has been dead in  tooth and claw, kestrels are nesting in a dead tree in a neighbouring field, but the jackdaws are mobbing them, I hope they manage to rear their chicks,  and I don’t think the three dead goldfish found in the yard are the herons work, more likely to be the cat’s antics.

3 thoughts on “Wading in

  1. Perhaps your heron was getting ready for a bath. I wouldn’t have imagined such a thing, but I saw and photographed it recently. No heron would fit in a humanly constructed birdbath, but a local pond did just fine, and you couldn’t believe the splashing and carrying on. It was quite a sight to see.

  2. Beautiful close up of the heron. Not so sure about the cat being the goldfish abductor. A heron stole all of the fish from our pond a few years ago. As we live in the middle of Leeds we thought this was an unlikely cause of the disappearing fish…..until we caught a heron in the act!

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