Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


The Christmas post

If Christmas is a little bit messy, that’s OK.

Christmas card 11.5p Smantha .jpg

I’ve enjoyed  making some of my Christmas cards from stack of vintage postcards I found in a second hand book shop inKeswick, they are reproductions of stamps issued by the post office in the 1970s and 80s. Some had a Christmas theme, like the one above, published in 1981 I wonder what Samantha Brown is up to now, I hope she is still having as much fun with paint as she did back in 1981?

There were some very pretty ones. Christmas card golden apple 1980

This was a favourite

Christmas card 12p 1980

Some were not seasonal at all. I just chose them because they had a link to interests and hobbies of the intended recipient.

We’ve a friend. MR, who is a postal historian, I was delighted to find a postcard for him that celebrated postal history.  Spot on, couldn’t be better.

Every year we always await eagerly  the arrival of MR’s Christmas card to us, as we are curios to see what combination of  stamps he has used,  they are never recent issues, and often include 1/2p  denominations, I guess they must raise an eyebrow or too in the sorting office, they make us smile, we try to reciprocate, I’ve even added a Greenshield stamps   to his card before now, along with the correct postage, of course.

I wasn’t very quick off the mark, making or sending these cards this year, I didn’t start making them until after my brothers funeral.  

One card I was delighted to find was of an old English Sheepdog, it was the perfect one for a friend who is mourning the loss of his own dog of the same breed.

Meanwhile our card from MR landed on the door mat, bearing the very same postage  stamp as the postcard I’d just written and was about send.


Shall we calculate the odds on that happening? Or shall we stick to stamp collecting?

Happy Christmas one and all.


The other side of the world.

It’s been a while since I posted, not since mid October in fact.  We’ve been away, a long way away. We’ve been to New Zealand to visit Tom, he’s been living and working there for the last couple of years.

My goodness New Zealand is a beautiful country. Lake Wanaka trees NZLake Wanaka

Sadly, whilst we were away, my brother passed away; when I heard the news, I felt every one of those many, many miles away from my family.

I was comforted to be able to be home for his funeral, which took place yesterday.

Since we’ve been home, the the  Whakaari (White Mountain)  volcano has erupted, with devastating consequences   I’m thinking of the families of those who died and those that face life changing injuries.

I’ve much I’d like to tell you about our time in New Zealand,  but for the moment, I’ll just leave this quiet, reflective post here.