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Lake Pukaki

More form our travels through New Zealand, November 2019

The glacial waters of lake Pukaki, South Island.

NZ Rd to Mt Cook Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki, a shimmering blue jewel set against a backdrop of Aoraki/Mt Cook, gets its distinctive deep blue tones from finely-ground minerals carried in the glacier-fed waters.

There are lots of blue wonders such as this 

It’s a long ribbon shaped lake, formed by  a terminal moraine dam   ( sigh, I loved glaciation in geography at school).

NZ Rd to Mt Cook Lake Pukaki Texture_

Water from the lake is used to make hydro electricity,  a canal carries the water to the power station. I think it may be a little chilly for a swim, even though it looks like a swimming pool.  The height of the dam  was raised

NZ lake Pukaki Canal_

(Mr Uphilldowndale would very much like to know by how much, but I’ve not tracked that info down yet, is it any wonder it is taking me so long to write these posts?) .