A familiar feeling

Since my last post, which had been a long, long emotional time in the making. I’ve found myself back in a way of thinking that I’d lost touch with. And I have to say it is a nice familiar feeling.

It’s taken me back to composing little blog posts as I meander along. Maybe it is time to start posting again. I’ve had a few false starts before, but I’m up for trying again.

Lets open the gate, and see where we can go, and what we might find.

Art Deco gate. East Portlemouth Devon

I always stop and admire this gate. I imagine that by now the fiery orange montbretia will have bloomed along the steps, making the colours sing just a little brighter and louder.

We’ve been holidaying in our often featured, favourite Devon spot a little earlier than usual. And whilst we enjoy being able to visit outside the school holidays (it’s more peaceful, and a lot cheaper) we miss the fun and games we used to have with the ‘Mill Bay Gang’. The children are all grown up now, and scattered around the country and the globe. We the remaining grown ups have had to find new ways to entertain ourselves, it has involved a number of long leisurely lunches, but we are getting the hang of it.

So, maybe if I can push through the gate, I can also delve a little deeper, and explore some unfamiliar places and stories and report back to the blog. I like the idea of opening a few drawers, for a good old rummage around, ‘though few drawers will be as glamorous as these.

Chest of drawers, Agatha Christie’s bedroom. Greenway Devon

I’ll see what I can find.

(PS, how in my absence, did writing a blog post, get quiet so complicated? Please, am I missing something?)

12 thoughts on “A familiar feeling

  1. I always enjoyed your posts so much! I’m pleased that you might be a little more present with us. As for posting — if you’re using the new block editor and prefer the old-style ‘classic’ editor, there is a way to get back to it that isn’t too complicated. I could tell you how to do it. Apparently the ‘classic’ editor will be going away, but not for a good while.

  2. Ooh yes, do! I’m sure you’ll find plenty more to write about. You just couldn’t get out and about for any adventures during the pandemic. You’ll always find new ideas, wherever you go.

  3. WordPress has made things a lot more tedious for the occasional poster of photoblog diaries. I think that it may be down to their anxiety to provide a platform for people hoping to make money. It is very annoying but there are some compensations which you will doubtless discover as you go along.

    I hope you do post because I have always enjoyed your excellent photographs and your wry commentaries on life.

  4. Two trends are driving the changes: The perceived need for a program that will be inter-compatible across desktops, laptops and smart phones, to give it the largest common denominator of users across all platforms; and to make it attractive to people who do business from and through their websites, again, largest common denominator. I fear bloggers are now rather old fashioned and somewhat de trop.

    1. Thank you WOL, it feels a little like the washing machine, I need two programs, but it offers me 30! I can see it is geared to website rather than blogging these days. I guess facebook and Instagram have stolen a lot of the blogging momentum

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