Open mind

Open your mind and let it all out…

Flybrary, by Christina Sporrong

Part of Radical Horizons, the Art of Burning Man, at Chatsworth House Derbyshire

The Flybrary is a 20-foot large steel head with book-like birds flying out of the top. The expression on the face is one of contemplation. The face itself is nonbinary and is a mixture of all races, colors, and creeds. The birds represent our thoughts, the eyes thoughtfully looking up towards them.

It’s been a week of contemplation. We’ve lived here for over thirty years, and never before have we seen a temperature of 35.8c as we did on Tuesday, deeply worrying. We were very grateful to be in a house with very thick stone walls and a heavy stone slate roof, plus the windows are for the most part small by modern standards. We could keep ourselves comfortable.

Perhaps most worrying is now the the temperature is back to a regular 19c, it’s as though it was a bad dream, a couple of days of very uncomfortable hot weather, not a bellwether for climate change. My concern is as a species we don’t seem able or willing to take action now.

5 thoughts on “Open mind

  1. The lack of action is a wonderful tribute to the PR skills of those enjoyed by fossil fuel companies. Backed up of course by the section of the press owned by millionaires who obviously don’t see anything wrong with the way that the world is being run. It is very depressing though.

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