Looking for a little shade

Most of the UK is experiencing a heatwave at the moment, I hope you’ve somewhere cool and comfortable to be. An old house with thick stone walls, small windows and perched on a hill, is a very fortunate place to be.

This is Chee Dale, a cool deep limestone dale in the White Pak area of the Peak district National Park.

A lovely walk

Stepping stones, to the left, tucked under the overhanging rock, keep your feet dry when water is more plentiful and look at those lovely limestone bedding planes to the right. We like a limestone landscape.

The path can be a bit of a scramble in parts, stout footwear is required, especially when wet, the limestone can be fiendishly slippery.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a little shade

  1. What a wonderful spot. While our landscape is a bit different, in the hill country there’s plenty of limestone, and plenty of shallow rivers and streams that offer that same shade — and the same slippery footing!

  2. Gorgeous photos. It seems to be a very tranquil walking spot; we’re down near London so dreaming of being in such a beautiful, cooler spot right now! Will be adding this to our list of places to visit.

  3. My 1930’s ground floor flat has good size rooms and high(ish) ceilings, and there are also plenty of mature trees in the communal gardens all of which have thankfully helped to keep the temperature reasonable inside. xx

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