Making Connections

VJ Day 2022

Today is the 77th Anniversary of VJ Day, time to remember the forgotten British and Commonwealth forces, who served and died in the Far East; ultimately bringing an end to the Second World War

I’ve posted here before about my fathers time serving in Burma, with the Royal Engineers, at the siege of Kohima, and thanks to that post I was contacted by someone whose grandfather had been in the same regiment as my father, he was able to give me so much more information than dad had even hinted at, and sign post us to the war diaries of his section, held in the National Archives.

I’m so grateful, like many, Dad wouldn’t say very much about his experience, it was something he found to harrowing to tell. So to know more and ensure that the knowledge is handed on is important to me.

Dad, pictured centre

Lest we forget.

6 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. As you say now mostly forgotten except by people like yourself who have a close connection like that. My uncle fought in the Far East and never talked about it afterwards. xx

  2. I never knew one of my uncles, who fought in the Pacific. Until I gained a computer, and my curiosity increased a bit, I never knew that he was buried in Manila. Now, I have the records, and wish I had some family left to ask questions of. His photo, handsome and in uniform, hung in every family house, but I never heard anyone talk about him, or the war, except in passing.

      1. I suppose I could, but with no family to share the information with, it seems a little beside the point. It’s enough to know where he is — and I do have a couple of letters between he and my dad.

  3. My dad was in the U.S. Marines during WWII and fought at Tarawa (2nd wave) and Okinawa. I knew that he trained for Tarawa on Samoa, he would talk a little about training there and sang me a song the Samoans used to sing. I knew he had to spend the night in a foxhole with a very dead mule and that’s all he ever mentioned. After reading about the kind of fighting that went on in those battles, I don’t wonder he didn’t want to talk about it. Some of the scenes he must have witnessed must have been horrific in the extreme.

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