A box of eggs for Easter

Beautiful sketches from the archives of Macclesfield Silk Museum. I can’t resist a plain brown cardboard archive box, and the surprises it might hold, so I’m a History Hunter, volunteering to help find the personal stories and connections behind the artefacts and to catalogue and record them.

Delightful watercolour eggs from the sketch book of Miss Annie Sutton, of the Leek School of Embroidery,

It appears she was a prolific designer of church textiles.

I can imagine that the little girls dresses might be duck egg blue, or that very distinct shade of green, of village hall teacups from the 1940s, a utility design called Beryl Ware, and though we couldn’t pin down a date for her work but our curiosity is piqued, there is more work to be done.

Many of the designs were for Mothers Union banners,

Such banners are to be seen in just about every Church of England parish church in the UK, I’d never given their design a second thought before.+This one is for All Saint’s Church in Leek, I shall have to go on a sortie to see if it is still there.


3 thoughts on “A box of eggs for Easter

  1. What fun! I’d never heard of the Mothers Union, but was impressed by this: “Started by our founder Mary Sumner in 1876 in her local parish, we have grown into an international charity with over 4 million members in 84 countries.”

    The egg sketches remind me of pysanky, the Slavic/Ukrainian Easter eggs.

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