Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Cat on an Ice Cold Wall

We’ve had three days of bright blue skies, what a treat. It’s been cold though. I took a turn around the field this morning, Spud the dog  and Jammy the cat came too.  Jammy  took his preferred route

please carry me 3

along the tops of the walls,   however he was soon complaining of cold snowy  paws and wanted ‘a carry’; he can be quite demanding.

please carry me

Last week we took Jammy and Dodger to the vets, to be micro chipped, for their new cat flap.  Oh my what a din they made!



I’ve been enjoying the multitude of birds coming to the feeder, something to brighten  very grey, wet,  bedraggled days.


Whilst  perhaps not enough finches to describe them as a charm,  certainly enough to lift the spirits.

charming finches_

When we did our recent building project, I came under pressure to cut this tree down,


‘Its in the way of the view’ they said. ‘No, it is part of the view’ I said.

goldfinch 2


Jammy and Dodger the cat haven’t been paying much attention to the birds, under floor heating and Spuds bed is obviously a more attractive option.



Animal Tales


Where would the media be without a tale or two about animals, where would this blog be come to that, Spud the dog and his adventures always seem popular.

A couple of stories have caught my eye in the last week or so. Ahaaaa! I thought,you read that first on Uphilldowndale.


First there were reports of peacocks fighting their own reflections, yes we’ve covered that.



Then there was a tractor driving sheep dog on the M74*, which caused only mayhem and not carnage, fortunately; and whilst the sheep dog featured here didn’t know about handbrakes,it did know how to ‘give it some welly’ 


The M74 has made it here before too.


Here are Spud and Dodger, its not news, because it happens on a regular basis, but it is usually entertaining.

Dodger the kitten cat,  claims ownership of Spud’s bed, Spud politely suggest he leaves.

spud bed

That doesn’t work, so he tries to squeeze him out.

spud bed 2

Nope, that’s not working, he tries pushing next.

spud bed 3

Eventually they agree to share.

spud bed 4


The Further Adventures of Spud the Dog 26th Jan 2014

Every now and then Spud the dog, lets it be known he is in charge of his manor,  he does it in a subtle understated sort of way.

Our dear, kind neighbours (who lurk around this blog from time to time) also keep chickens, well they did, they are now, thanks Mr Fox down to a  solitary chicken and a cockerel.


The cockerel is handsome and quite passive as cockerels go; but he is obviously missing having a full flock at his beck and call, so he and his lady pop over the lane to visit our girls.

Now Spud never, it seemed to us, pays a second glance to our chickens, he doesn’t chase or bother them what so ever. If they get in the way when he is chasing a ball he simply leaps straight over them. However Spud obviously does know what belongs and what doesn’t on his patch. Meeting the cockerel making advances on ‘his girls’ he politely but firmly showed him the gate. Here is Spud flushing him out from behind the oil tank. Spud flush

I love that classic Springer posture, paw in the air, ready to spring.

Spud also has a bit of a deal running on gravy bone  dog biscuits, that we keep in a pot on the kitchen work top out of Spuds reach. The cats however can and do reach them, fishing them out with their paws. They then take them down on to the floor to eat, they are allowed a third, then Spud, alerted by the distinctive sound of biscuit on pot, shows up and firmly takes the remaining two thirds for himself.  My biscuit thank you.


Here is Jammy, in a different pot a plant pot.

potted cat 

I long for the weather to stop raining and to get out and about with the camera. Sigh.