Unknown Names

Not named

I found the image above in the box of family photos. It’s not named, which is rather sad.

I do know the name of this young man, but nothing about his uniform and medal. Can any readers help me?

Jack Winterbottom

Here he is again, a man now and looking rather dashing.

Jack Winterbottom adult

I went down to the service at the war memorial on Sunday, I’d not been able to go for the last couple of years. It was sad to note that the WWII two veterans were not there. Suddenly, it seems, there has been passing of a generation. I missed them;  but I’ll not forget them, we will remember them.

Where the Wind Blows

Extruded snow, forced through the gaps in the drystone walls and caught in the lea of the wall

Snow forms 5

Fascinating shapes aren’t they?

Snow forms 6

Of course if you were in anyway scientifically inclined you could go off Googleing around the topic of

Modeling transient snowdrift development around complex three-dimensional structures

Snow forms 2

I just think they look interesting, sculptural.

Snow forms 3

It’s only in the last week I’ve given any thought to the fact that this area used have snow fences, to force the drifts to form where you want, usually in the field and not filling the lanes, (beautiful shot of one on this blog)  they were situated  a few yards back from the carriage- way on  exposed roads. There aren’t any these days.

Snow forms 4

In some parts of the world they ‘force’ snowdrifts  with fences so that the snow lies in a basin, to make a reservoir of water for the summer, snow farming, you can drop that little gem into the conversation the next time you are stuck in a snow drift

From the East

Sunday February 1st 2009

Dramatic light this afternoon, not for very long though

Field barn

Indigo sky’s to the east,

way to go

lit by a low sun to the west

Winter tree

Sheep and sky 

Two fields later it was all over, snow flurries bowled up the valley, tuning all to white blobs.

White blobs

You might remember the ‘three muses’, the maverick sheep,

in this post I think one of them has been poleaxed, poor lamb.


Passable With Care


Snow and mist greeted us this morning, It was one of those days where the thirsty Landrover can pull rank over the aged but thrifty estate car; the boys were as disappointed as ever, that we could ‘get out of the lane’ and pick our way to school and I must admit, I would have been very happy to turn on my heels and go indoors again, this was the school run (taken by Tom)

School run 

Some roads are notorious for been difficult in bad weather being ‘only passable with care’ as they tell us on the radio  traffic reports, of course the same roads numbers crop up time and time again, it’s the high exposed routes, here’s a popular selection, that I had to tackle today,

 Stop at junction

(the A54 is more likely to be referred to as the ‘Cat and Fiddle’  The Cat and Fiddle is the name of a pub, it’s the second highest pub in England and something of a landmark on that road.)

I sat and looked at this sign for some considerable time, in a queue of standing traffic. At this junction, when the traffic started to move off  was an example of  British queuing at it’s finest, as the two roads combined, drivers  politely took it in turn, one car emerging from the left, one from the right, one from the left, one from the right; our mothers would have been proud of us  for ‘sharing nicely.’  A bit further along the route, the mist was thicker and I changed that view for this sheep, you might have to squint to find it.


Only in my dreams was this achievable

In my dreams 

I got where I was going in the end, but it was just as well I had my trusty tea mug with me and as they said on the radio it was ‘passable with care.’

Good Morning America, it’s a Beautiful Day

It’s not so very long ago that today’s events would have been impossible, this is how it was in 1957 and this was 1964 when  Dr King predicts an African-American president “in less than 40 years.”

Snow day

There is not much I can say to follow that. Other than the fact it is a beautiful day here too.

Beautiful day 1

Happy birthday Mr Uhdd xx


Woollen fence

Wool caught on a fence forms dreadlocks.

I was going to call this post, ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ but thought it might be pushing the boundaries  a bit; fence, boundaries, get it? oh well never mind: then I had a look at the video of the music, it’s not very PC by today’s standards I’m afraid (and I’m not talking about the moustache.) But I enjoyed the music, happy days, 10cc a local band, well almost.

Where Do I Begin

We are back home after an adventurous week in the Lake District, after retrieving Mr Uhdd from Cockermouth where he found refuge from the atrocious weather that blighted the Original Mountain Marathon, we went on to spend a week in Wasdale, bliss; we’ve had some great weather, no Internet and no mobile phones, it’s done us the power of good. I’ve enough photographs and things I want to post about to last me a month of Sundays.

Today the Lakeland fells were bathed in Sunshine, the highest peaks dusted with snow, the landscape looked delicious, good enough to eat with a spoon,

From Corney Fell, this morning

a stark contrast to last Saturdays weather (McNoddy has pulled together some of the best video clips here)

Many thanks for all your comments and enquires about Mr Uhdd well being; I’m fighting my way through the inbox, (it may have been a mistake on my part to go away, leaving a Google News Alert running on the Original  Mountain Marathon, as I’ve returned to an inbox that  is somewhat over crowded) I can’t see the wood for the trees; add to that the stack of dirty washing that came home with us, the AGA throwing a moody and refusing to be relit and the bread maker blowing an element, it’s back to earth with a bump; I’ll be back in a bit when I’ve sorted myself out.