Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Spud on Sunday Part LII

Happy New Year from Spud the dog.

Cold nose Spud-1

Spud and his watering can 2-2

with the wind beneath my ears-1

soggy spud-1

Spud the dog, a dog for all seasons



Spud on Sunday Part XXXXVIIII

Well, what a week it has been, there has been I’m afraid, a fair bit of sad news around *sigh*;.

The weather has been mean; sleet, snow, ice and gales a plenty. There’s been a large dollop of drama ( thankfully safely resolved) and even a little bit of partying; but not a lot of progress in the Christmas preparation department.

Today’s weather has been wet and notable for is its darkness, not a day for inspiring photo opportunities, so I’ve dug around in  the archives for what I think are previously unpublished photos of Spud

A summer Spud -1

Spud peering out of the kitchen window, unlike Monday when he was peering in!

A Summer Spud in the window -1

I’d forgotten, just how glamorous those ears were, before his ‘trim’

A Summer Spud, glam-1

they never been  quite the same since



Back to School for the Autumn term

Michaelmas daisy 2-1

That’s it the summer is over, the boys are back at school (actually they went back last Friday, which seemed like an odd day to start, but never mind). Joe and Tom posed for the traditional ‘first day of term’ photo* before they left for the bus and I promptly sent Joe back in the house to change his trousers, it seems I hadn’t been rigorous enough** in the cull of trousers from the previous academic year, they were half way up his shins.

Tom got all new gear, now he in 6th form he is required to wear a suit. Thank goodness for Next Directory, it saved trawling round town with a teenager and any heated debates about suitability of said suit could be confined to home, excellent, for both of us.

* Easy to take such a simple family ritual for granted

** Idle would be a better description of the trouser cull


Eye to Eye with an Anglo Saxon King

Sutton Hoo

I’m afraid this blog is still bobbing around in Suffolk, whilst autumn rolls in over Derbyshire, never mind, I’ll try and catch up.

I made a brief comfort break at Sutton Hoo whilst on my ‘away day’ in Suffolk, I did take a peek at the replica of the iconic ceremonial helmet* , it is a thing of great beauty, which is a paradox considering its original remit for to frighten bejeebers out of lesser mortals

Sutton Hoo -1

I didn’t take a walk to see the burial mounds,  as time was scant and I felt pretty sure I’d be wanting to take photos of them at dusk, dawn  or amidst swirling mist.

Sutton Hoo 1-1

If you are curious, this is the best site I could find, about Sutton Hoo; the National Trust site is disappointing, ias it often is, IMHO, which is a shame, they are much better at ‘selling’ their properties in the National Trust Magazine that has sumptuous photos than they are on the pages of the website which always feels a bit mean with images and interesting ‘stuff’.

*the original is in the British Museum


Wet Weekend

Well if it was August sunshine you were looking for this weekend, this wasn’t the place to be.


but there was no shortage of moody skies

Bank holiday Weekend -1

and heavy downpours

Bank holiday Weekend 2-1

In other news: Dandy the cat has never been fond of going out in the rain, and known as a rather lazy puss, but he is hitting new lows, when I arrived home late last night I found him fast asleep in his litter tray. *sigh*


The Reluctant Sailor

Spud the dog is liberated from the kennels, I’m back at work and should be back at my studies, but I’m easily distracted. I suppose eventually this blog will return to its Derbyshire roots, but in the mean time I’ve a camera load of photos of Suffolk to serve up,  sort of a second helping of summer.

Lonely Lobster-1

It’s been mentioned here before,  that I’m a land lubber at heart, so my men folk left me ashore whilst they went to play on a friends boat, sailing down the river Deben, around Felixstowe before mooring up in the marina in the centre of Ipswich; where I joined them for the night.  I’d never visited the area before, but we’d called on Mrs Ogg and the Oglets on the way, for a yummy lunch and she’d tipped me off where to go a take a look.

The lobster above I found in Aldeburgh along with some handsome hungry  gulls


Gull x 4-1

Gull x 1-1