Love It, Hate It.

Love it; ginger, ginger cake, chocolate ginger, crystallised ginger, ginger cordial.

Hate it; molluscs, I will not eat anything slimy that has crawled around the sea bed eating raw sewage.

Love it; a children’s (well rehearsed) choir, lump to the throat and tears to the eyes every time.

Hate it; shops that can’t be bothered to open before 10am

Love it; draught bitter.

Hate it; labels in clothes that tickle the back of your neck.

Love it; bats, they get bad press but they are very cute really and there is no finer way to spend a summers evening than bat watching, especially if you can include a glass of something chilled during ‘dusks cabaret.’

Hate it, gladioli flowers, as much grace as a broom handle.

Love it, blue bell woods, its the juxtaposition of the fresh spring grass and the lilac blue flowers,edible.

Hate it, packing for holidays.

Love it; the view from our house, I have looked at it every morning for over 28 years and it is a joy every day, whatever the weather.

Hate it; children (and even more worryingly babies) with pierced ears, why would anyone want to mutilate their child?

I could go on.

9 thoughts on “Love It, Hate It.

  1. Tony F

    Hate it; children (and even more worryingly babies) with pierced ears, why would anyone want to mutilate their child?

    Technically it’s an offence to have anything pierced when under the age of 16. And yet….

  2. Tony F

    Love it; Watching Buzzards soaring along a slope at your height. There is a pair that soar along a local ridge level with the road. They make it look so effortless.

  3. julie

    totally agree ref piercing of babies ears. considering writing to Pampers as the packaging of their size 3 baby dry nappies shows a young baby with earings!!! so very wrong.

  4. Hate…as the evenings get progressively longer and the days shorter and colder (I know, its called winter)
    Love…the arrival of spring it only gets better till Winter. Crows..they’re just great birds…did you ever watch them dropping walnuts onto tarmac to open them…very clever. Gathering windfall apples, wild nuts and fruit in Autumn. Autumn bbq’s outdoors on real fires.

  5. Very honest, informative & interesting post Heather. I am new to all this and came across your blog when accessing replies to another blog. The title ‘Uphill and down dale’ appealed to me for many reasons.
    I must review and write down my likes and dislikes because as I get older I am more definite about what they are.
    I live in Chorley Lancashire surrounded by the West Pennine moors and love walking in different terrains.
    I have only been through Derbyshire three times and think it is lovely.

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