Photography and Housekeeping


“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.”


Shaft of light 4

I’ve been asked a few times in comments and emails about my photographs and what equipment I use. Well for a start I have to explain I’m a bit of a point and shoot gal; I have zilch technical knowledge and I’ll have to get  the camera out of the bag tell you what model it is, other than a Cannon.


It wasn’t many weeks after I started writing this blog back in May 2007, that I realised photos were going to key to what I wanted to do with it: not that I knew at the outset, what I wanted to do, or where it was going; I just felt I might be starting to out-stay my welcome on other peoples blogs.  It was when someone referred to me as ‘a rural blogger’, that I realised that is sort of my ‘genre’, its sort of what I do, I think.


Most of my photos are taken with the camera settings on automatic, apart from using manual focus occasionally or the sports setting for things on the move


the only other things I do is to crop the photo, (cut out the bits I don’t want) or I might poke about at the exposure and contrast afterwards. I know I should could ‘take control of the camera’ and that I could do lots of whizzy things to my images if I bought a suitable editing package (and more importantly learnt how to use it.)


But for the moment I’m having a lot of fun doing what I do. I’ve got plenty of things that I have to work on (there is more to the world of the Uhdd’s that appears on this blog; one blog friend described me as ‘being as busy an octopus with OCD’ which is a pretty good summation.)  So if you are thinking of having a go at blogging or digital photography, don’t be put off by a fear of the technicalities. Setting up a WordPress blog costs nothing and is fairly easy, you don’t need any specialist computer or code knowledge   (I managed it all on my own, just think of it as a washing machine, it will come 20 programs, but you only need to use one.) The camera did cost, but has been worth every penny.



19 thoughts on “Photography and Housekeeping

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  2. Tony F

    You seem to have a magnificent eye for a good picture. Your compositions are spot on. I once was going to splash out on a medium format wet film camera, but some where along the way, went digital instead.

  3. laid back runner

    Your def a natural photographer uphill. The blogging is very good and on more than one occasion has helped me very much. Life seems more simple and peacefull when i see the pictures.
    Away from the sress and strains of life in general, Uphilldowndale is quite simply sublime

  4. kKop

    Darn – you’ve got exactly the same camera as I have! That means I have no excuse other than not having the ‘eye’ for a good picture like you do!

    Your pics are brilliant – technical knowledge doesn’t matter and is no replacement for raw skill. I look forward to many more pics (and inspiration!) from this great blog!

    Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Deborah Wilson

    I have stumbled into your blog by a lucky chance. I am happily poking around all the long hallways and corners of it. Thank you for all of it ~ the photos are wonderful.

  6. and the border collie shot is hands down my favorite. could be because i have two border collies and am completely obsessed with them. that photo absolutely captures the essence of the breed though…perfectly.

  7. Hello, I’ve stumbled across your blog when I was looking for something and like the photos a lot, the feeling of appreciating rural settings and the sentiments in your introduction. I’ve just set up my own blog and am starting to find my way – it’s more about words than phtoos though your comments are encouraging. One of my key themes is walking and the landscape, so have a look, and any comments you have will be welcome:
    I’m still exploring blogging and really not sure what I think about it all or where it’s going!

  8. Bil

    Hi. Love your blog – excellent photos. Wondering how you get the border and drop shadow on the pictures on the blog? It’s a nice effect.

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