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As well as picnicking on the cliffs, partaking of  a beer or two down at the pub, we did, during our weekend away mange a little art and culture, St Davids has a flourishing artistic community,  with plenty of galleries and exhibitions to be seen,  it is a landscape that inspires;  in one of those blogging , small world moments, WOL posted about one local artist, Adam Buick and his wonderful pots .

Rock On 2-1

We looked at the work of Graham Sutherland at the Oriel y Parc Landscape Gallery,

oriel y parc-1

 I recommend this video,  about the gallery, it illustrates the Pembrokeshire equivalent of drystone walls, which are more floral than the Derbyshire genre.

cliff top flowers-1

it also has the briefest of glimpses of my very favourite exhibit, what I called the Nija hare, a beautiful dynamic sculpture of a boxing hare, I soooooo wanted to bring it home with me*.

It is good to go to a gallery with the likes of Mrs Ogg, for she does what she modestly calls ‘colouring in’ for a living and knows lots of stuff about arty things that I don’t.

Rock On-1

So by the time we got around the coast path, I’d made all sorts of connections to the work we’d seen and the landscape.

Rock On 1-1

now that I call a win win situation.

*I don’t even know who the sculptor was, shame on me

10 thoughts on “Art and Culture

  1. Pembrokeshire is 2nd on my list of places I really, really, really want to go to. Second after Scotland. I see by Mr. Buick’s blog, he has just packed his kiln and a firing is impending. I want one of his big moon jars soooooooo much, but it would cost a small fortune to have it shipped. I love your rock pictures. That whole area is scenic as all get out. If I did go there, I think I would swoon with delight at all the scenic beauty. Jackie Morris the artist/author lives near Mr. Buick. She has both a still camera and a video camera, and she’s not afraid to use either. She also has a blog. Does Mrs. Ogg have a blog? (I’m starting to sound like Dr. Seuss. . . .)

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