Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England


Made in Cley

Mrs Ogg and I visited the pretty village of Cley-next the Sea,

Cley next the Sea

We didn’t see the sea, but we did many beautiful things.

I was very keen to visit the Pink Foot Gallery, I’d admired  from afar the work of wildlife artist Brin Edwards, and was keen to view.  There were so many beautiful things in the gallery, Mrs Ogg challenged me to chose my favourite, money no object*  what would be my take home piece. I was hard pressed to select, but Ithink it would have been one of Anthony Theakston’s ghostly owls (I’ve had the odd run in with owls before).

Over the road was Made in Cley, a wonderful place full of hand made ceramics, and  art. The shop in its self, (the yellow building, left of shot, was a delight, worn, polished floor boards and original fittings.


Like most of the shops in Cley, it came complete with a large cat perched on the counter (Flighty, there’s yet another delightful book shop too).

Around the side it had its own private railway…

Cley 2n

One more Norfolk post to come. Then I’ll head for home.


(*And you would need quiet a bit: it was noted there seems to be quiet a bit of disposable income sloshing about this part of Norfolk, or at least the places to spend it, the two aren’t necessarily the same.)


Gilding the Lily

Lilies do not need gilding, nor do orchids really. But I couldn’t quite stop myself  from adding this art deco brooch to an orchid plant. The colours are just magnetically drawn to one another.

gilding the orchid

I‘ve spent the afternoon, surrounded by magazines and scraps of paper and glue, in an arty collage workshop event, I had a lovely time. I do need to play out more,things have been far too serious of late.  I need to feed my soul.


I’m told it is my blogs seventh birthday today, my blog would like me to play out more too.


Friends Old and New

Happy New Year dear blog buddies.

I don’t know about you, but it’s  a while since I’ve seen a  nice sunset, here is one from stock,  just to tide us over until this relentless wind and rain abates.

three trees december


I’m delighted to see that our dear friend Gerry has reappeared on the blog scene, I’ve missed her  wisdom, musings and whimsy so very much.


WordPress provided me with their  annual number crunching review of my blog, the gist of the ‘feedback sandwich’ was that 2013 wasn’t a vintage year for my blog. But then, I knew that.


I’ve been missing my blogging opportunities, and have resolved to ‘do better’ in 2014. Not because blogging is something I ‘should do’ but something I want to do,  my life is richer for it. I’ll need to get out more, in real world mode and in blogging mode.  So with that in mind, this weekend I’m aiming to zip off into Manchester, to catch, an exhibition by the skin of its teeth (it ends on 4th of Jan, just missing an exhibition is a reoccurring theme in my life). It’s ‘no photography allowed’ but as it  entitled  ‘Brains. The Mind as Matter’ I’m sure it will give me something to think about.


I’ve taken stroll out around the blogging world too, over the holiday, and fell upon this delicious blog, enjoy.


The Further Adventures of Spud the Dog, 21st December 2013

Why would you want an adventure on an afternoon like this?  Especially when there is a sofa to be had.


home sweet home


The picture is by Derbyshire artist, Clare Allen. Clare does wonderful landscapes (and cityscapes, check out her Manchester exhibition review). She also does a fine line in drawing particularly fine pubs, that are to be recommended 


*It is blowing a gale and lashing with rain.


Sheep and Neeps

I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess if these sheep are eating turnips, swedes or something completely different,  as the more I tried to work it out the more confused I became.


I rather like the  unexpected, delicate pinkness that’s going on here.


sheep and neeps_


Excuse the focus on this one, I should have looked closer at what I’d got before driving on.


sheep and neeps 2


I was on my way to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, to see the Angie Lewin exhibition. An artist that taps into my  childhood love of a nature table, actually, something I’ve never grown out of, I’ve a bowl of cones, shells and feathers, on my desk as I write…

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and did a blast of Christmas shopping in gift shop to boot. Winner.


Lost In Art

First of all, thank you all for your kind words following my previous post, we are touched by your thoughtfulness. There are so many kind people in the blogosphere.

Yesterday, I felt the need to go and look, to ‘just be’ for a while. I’d not been to see as many of the Derbyshire Open Arts event’s as I’d originally planned, so maybe that’s what drew me into Manchester, lets face it I’m not often drawn to cities.

I snook in, first thing, taking an early train, I visited a few shops (which were pretty empty, just as I like them, considering I worked in retail for decades, I’ve such a low tolerance busy shops).

Then I went to Manchester Art Gallery, they couldn’t have offered a warmer welcome to an  ex florist than the installation festooning the  perimeter railings

Living railing 2-1

Moss, willow, seed pods, ferns, right up my street.

Living railing -1

I had a coffee and a delicious piece of Victoria sponge in in cafe (the cake had just the right play off, between sweet butter cream and tart raspberry).

I left my shopping bounty in a locker and then spent a contented couple of hours mooching around, too many things to mention, but the Grayson Perry vase and the work by Eric Ravilious were favourites. But undoubtedly I’m most ‘in my element’   in the the gallery of craft and design.  How do I explain? I’m sure there must be  gallery curator jargon for it, but who knows; I just like the way the clusters of objects, link and flow into one another around the room, it manages to both feed and satiate my curiosity at the same time. Magic ehh?

Those of a curios disposition,  I’m sure would be drawn to the object displayed  in the gallery from Mary Greg collection. Off you go and have a rummage. Enjoy.

When I lurched back out into the Manchester streets, I found them full of hustle and bustle, time I thought to head back home to the hills.


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