You have reached your destination

We meandered our way through Shropshire, and the South Wales coalfields, to reach Cardiff, our boy Joe has been working in Cardiff on his industry placement year, what a cracking time he’s been having (he’s studying civil engineering at Swansea University). There is a very handy campsite, near the city centre, (book it is you can it is fully booked more often than not) this allowed us to catch up (and feed, what student doesn’t want mum and dad to turn up and take them out for dinner?) with Joe in the evenings and we got to have a good mooch around the city, with Spud the dog, close at hand.

We were on the doorstop of The Museum of Wales, at opening time, along with a large number of school parties, but we were swift of foot, and savvy to getting ahead of school parties, before teacher could raise their clipboard, we were off and in, to see astronaut Tim Peake’s *landing capsule, which has been touring the UK, it’s got a bit of a Sutton Hoo look about it, in the background, the parachute with which it drifted down to earth or came down with a bump, depending whose story you believe.

Tim Peake 8

It was very well lit, so you could see inside, not much room to swing a cat…

Tim 1_

it looks kind of basic doesn’t it, compared to the smart phone or tablet you might be reading this blog on?

Tim Peake 4

We were comforted to see, that if all else fails, there is a ring bider or two you can refer to for instructions what to do next.

Tim Peake 5

Not sure how you recharge it though.

Tim Peake 2

It looks like it took a bit of a knock, I’m sure a bit of body filler or gaffer tape would sort it though, no harm done.

Tim Peake 3

*Tim Peak is a bit of a hero in our books, not only for what he did in space, but with what he continues to do educating  and encouraging young people into studying  STEM  sciences and with his involvement of  The Scout Association



6 thoughts on “You have reached your destination

  1. Looking at the capsule, I think we have been spoiled by the sci-fi special effects in films, as it looks more as if it has dropped out of a 1970′ s Dr Who set than the latest advance in space travel. And yes, it does have a look of SuttonHoo! Thanks for your posts, they are very informative and enjoyable.

  2. Now, isn’t it awful that I’ve never heard of Tim Peake? I’m sure those who are more involved with our space programs here know all of the other astronauts from around the world, but we commoners are a little short on information. I enjoyed the post, and, yes: those binders cracked me up. On the other hand, everyone needs a backup for when the batteries go flat!

    1. Likewise, I couldn’t name all but the most famous of astronauts. They have to excel at so many skills, to make the grade, but Tim Peake is an exceptional communicator, especially in his ability to engage children. always good to have a bit of paper with the important things written on (important to be fluent in Russian as well, which he is…)

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