Striding Out

Long time readers will remember our much loved dog Spud and his many adventures. He died on boxing day 2021, we still miss him so much.

It’s taken us a while to feel ready for another dog to join our lives, the time had to be right.

And here he is, Finn, a working cocker spaniel, we brought him home on New Years eve aged eight weeks, he’s six months old now and keeping us very busy.

A little dog on a long lead

Having a pup around without the assistance of two teenagers is hard work! I had hundreds of photos of Spud ant this age, mainly because the boys would play with him and I could snap away, this time round I’ve no spare hands for a camera!

We took him to meet our son Joe, who now lives in Cardiff, another dog owner in Bute Park, told me Finn looked lush, I have to agree! He’s a very handsome boy.


10 thoughts on “Striding Out

      1. Oh yes, so much pain and grief. I still have a heavy heart with that ‘big hole’, yet he was such a game changer in our lives – a unique soul. He’ll always stay at our very core.
        And seeing Finn now, I have hopes for ourselves, too.🙏🏼

  1. I have fond memories of your posts about Spud. Good to see that you’ve now got Finn and look forward to posts, and pictures, about his antics. xx

  2. I’m so glad Finn has joined your family. I remember Spud with affection, but it will be fun getting to know this one over the coming months. Find someone else to hold that leash for a while, so we can have a few more photos of this handsome boy!

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