Comfort and Joy

I’m told my blog is fifteen years old. And whilst not a lot has been posted on it recently, I do refer to it often. Every time there is a question about when was it ‘such and such’ happened, this blog usually has the answer. It is stuffed full of memories.

Never more so than since Boxing day, the 26th of December 2021, when we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Spud

Spud and his antics were a very important part of this blogs narrative.

His death, was both peaceful and timely, we miss him so very much, his absence ambushes us painfully time and time again.

We buried his ashes in the copse at the bottom of the field, I can see the spot, from my desk as I type. Near the Buckthorn tree

Spud the pup

I made a little wreath of winter greens and trimmed it some of his favourite things, a feather, he loved a feather.

Spud with feather

An apple, which the black birds then ate, through the short winter days. Spud couldn’t resist an apple,

Wrong kind of tree Spud… No apples here.

even climbing trees to reach them and leaving them as trip hazards through the house

Spud with and apple

A tennis ball, he was obsessed by them; we figured that if another dog passing along the footpath might take his ball, it wouldn’t be unreasonable, for Spud had more than his fair share of tennis ball acquisitions in his life time, on one occasion bringing home from his Devon holiday, nine more balls than he started with!

He adored a beach so a seashell was included too

We’re indebted to our local veterinary surgery, who whilst working under sever staffing pressures and Covid restrictions, made it possible for us to have the time and privacy to discuss an end of life plan for Spud. He had become slower and achy, and when in November he started showing symptoms of Horner’s Syndrome, the suspicion was that something serious was developing. We knew that that putting him through any invasive tests and procedures would not be in his best interests and it was agreed just before Christmas that he should be kept comfortable at home, being spoilt and eating lots of turkey.

Nearly five years ago, Spud had a very nasty and complicated break to his leg, something called Springer Elbow, whoever knew… The very skilled vets at Pride Veterinary referral center, meticulously fixed him up with metal plates and screws, this along with kind, skilled canine physiotherapy (which Spud and I enjoyed in equal measure) gave him a good quality of life, far more active than we could have imagined.

Here is his last visit to a beach, September 2021 Calgary Bay, the Isle of Mull.

He would have had a good zoom around given half a chance, but we’d learned, even if Spud hadn’t, that charging around too much made him rather sore and stiff, so we just allowed him a modest zoom. You can see he enjoyed it.

16 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy

  1. Aaaah, he was a lovely boy. He did very well to get by after that injury and he was a lucky Springer to have had you to care for him. It’s awful when pets have to leave us, and it’s like missing children.

  2. Liz Bady

    So very sorry for your loss of Spud. I was just thinking about him and your blog just the other day. I really enjoyed your blog and miss it. Thank you for letting us know about Spud. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Chris Bowen

    Oh dear, what with one thing and another I rarely check your blog these days. But today I did. I feel sad for your loss but I’m a little relieved that you are still posting, however infrequently.
    Lovely phtos of Spud.

  4. So sorry to hear about dear Spud. The bad thing about hellos is that they always have a goodbye attached. It is an act of love to say hello, and a proof of love and courage to say a kind and timely goodby. I’ve had and loved and said goodbye to five cats over my lifetime. I’m tearing up as I type. Hugs to all of those who shared the joy that was Spud.

  5. Oh Spud, you were such a joy to read and watch. I’m sorry you’re gone. Your far ‘cousin’ Coffee and I wave goodbye to you and send our condolences to your family. You’ll be missed.🤍

  6. As soon as I saw Spud’s photo, I remembered his antics, and how much I enjoyed your posts about him. Thank you for sharing this update — and thank you for suddenly appearing out of ‘nowhere’ to let us know you’re still “up and taking nourishment,” as my grandmother would say. It’s been quite a time, but it’s good that you were able to offer Spud a good life until the end, and that you had good help with the difficult business.

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