Military Matters

Lest we forget,

September 17th 1944

The 4th Parachute Regiment of the 1st British Airborne Division landed without major incident on the Ginkel Heath just east of Ede with C-47 Dakota’s, CG-4A Waco gliders, Airspeed Horsas, and General Aircraft Hamilcars, as part of the largest airborne assault ever attempted.

Take a look at Wouter Brandsma’s evocative photography, of the 64th commemoration of Operation Market Garden Wouter originally posted the photographs in colour, but later changed them to black and white, I think I was in the minority preferring the colour version, but Wouter has kindly left links to the colour photos, take a look.

On a similar theme, back in May I posted about the 65th anniversary of the  ‘Dambusters raid’

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2 thoughts on “Military Matters

  1. I was moved by these two sites, and SOH and I are going to the 65th anniversary of D-Day next year in Normandy.. both want to pay our respects to those who fought to give us our freedom.

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