Whatever the Weather

It has been a very odd mix this week, lashing rain, sultry heat, high winds that have dumped a fine layer of sand over the car (and even the lily pads in the pond) goodness know from whence it came.

Yesterday evening I was pottering around the hills south of Buxton, it was warm and rather pleasant. I don’t know who this little bird is (answers on a postcard please) but they were rather sweet and willing to pose briefly.

bird on fence -1 

Tom has been in the Lake District completing the expedition  section of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. I’m much relived  that he is safely off the hill, given the storms and flash flood there have been (he tells me the thunder and lightening they experienced was ‘awesome’ I’m sure we will get the finer detail on his return this afternoon).

I’ve a stack of posts in mind, some of them about quarrying, some about the limestone and gritstone landscape around here.

Limestone -1

For starters, the lay of the land. Quarrying is big,  it’s a big employer, it has a big impact on the landscape, lumps of rock on an industrial scale..

Quarry Derbyshire-1

Half a hill, near Harpur Hill

Quarry Derbyshire 3-1

(and if you are looking for the so called ‘Blue Lagoon’ don’t) go to Iceland please.

6 thoughts on “Whatever the Weather

  1. Good Grief. Mama Nature on a tear indeed. My sympathies to you all. May you keep safe and well. At this point we don’t know whether to rummage around for directions for ark construction or camel-riding, do we?

  2. It is violent interventions we do in the nature to procure raw materials for our consumption. And just as violent actions when we in the easiest way want to get rid of some of all the things … Btw: Is this blue lagoon not more green? (I saw a VERY blue lagoon in a vulcano Australia last year, which I will show photos of later this year !)

  3. I recollect getting red Sahara sand here years ago which covered the cars. I’m not sure what that bird is.
    An interesting post, and thanks for the links. xx

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